Engaging in voluntary activities means doing something good without asking for money. There are many possibilities in Jena to help other people, make them happy and, in doing so, learn something new for your own benefit.

Where can I contribute?

Depending on the level of your spoken German you may do voluntarily work in kindergartens and schools, help with many things or cooperate in organising and performing events.

You could, for instance, play board games with elderly people, have a sing-along with children at the kindergarten, help children with their homework in schools, take care of the garden of a day-care facility for children, organise events in youth centres and do many other things.

How do I benefit?

Apart from meeting many interesting people you can also learn a lot about yourself. By your commitment you will improve your knowledge of German, you will have new experiences with Jena and the people living here.

What can I do on the spot?

You can either call us: +49 3641 9392926, write us an email lemke@buergestiftung-jena.de or step by in our office: Unterlauengasse 3, 07743 Jena, opening times: Monday-Thursday 9-16 o’clock, Friday 9-12 o’clock.

What will the Community Foundation do for me?

We offer you free consultations with our pro bono consultants. Together with you our staff will look for a suitable place of assignment where you can do voluntary work.

We will come along with you to a first interview at the place of your assignment and will provide you with some advice and information on what you should mind if you are not yet so familiar with Germany.

If required, we shall try to find a tandem partner which means somebody who has already been engaged in voluntary activities and who will be available for questions and support at the beginning and who will come along with you.

We organise regular meetings for exchanging views with other volunteers.